Our Story

The MonkeySquids are Jasper Fearon (Vocals/Guitar),  Declan Fearon (Guitar/Bass) and Jordan Fearon (Guitar/Drums/Programming Midi Drums). .  The band was formed in 2010 when Jasper and Declan found an old drum kit in their Grandfather’s basement.   Declan borrowed his dad’s guitar and Jasper dug up a microphone from his toy box and their dad sat down behind the drum kit.  Despite the fact that not one of them knew how the play the instrument in front of them, it was immediately music (mostly).  Jasper signed up for his elementary school talent show and learned to play the bass (in that order).  Someone in the crowd posted the song from the talent show on youtube, which was seen by a family friend, who offered them a slot at an all-ages show at a punk club in Philadelphia.    They had only been learning to play music for about 3 or 4 months, but the gig was a success and Declan and Jasper were hooked.